Continuous Integration and Delivery at Scale:
A RationalFT Case Study

Continuous Integration and DeliveryAs software development activity is scaled to multiple teams or projects, the burden of managing concurrent activity grows. If software development organizations fail to deploy effective strategies to organize and coordinate parallel development, productivity, quality, and agility are lost. In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, where a company's ability to deliver software to market can be key to its competitive advantage, this failure can result in nothing less than a loss in competitiveness and market share.

In this webinar, part 3 in our series “Continuous Integration and Delivery at Scale”, we will share Case Study results from RationalFT, the technology and operations powerhouse behind Full Tilt Poker. Within this webinar we will explore the best practices and steps taken by RationalFT to ensure the company’s Continuous Integration and Delivery strategy was successful. During the webinar we will share:

  • Multi-staged development approaches used by RationalFT
  • Business challenges RationalFT was facing that drove their Continuous Integration and Delivery strategy
  • Practices and techniques RationalFT uses to ensure rapid releases, high quality, and continuous product delivery using parallel development and branches and streams

This webinar is the third in a series of webinars AccuRev will be delivering aimed at helping companies understand WHAT having a Multi-Stage Continuous Integration strategy means; and WHY it is critical to your software development success. Our future webinars will deliver additional practical application of the best practices outlined in the first webinar, and give functional examples of HOW to use Multi-Stage Development and Continuous Integration processes that scale to meet the development needs of large, multi-team environments.


Speaker Bios

Jon JesseJon Jesse, AccuRev

Jon Jesse is Vice President of Software Process Solutions with AccuRev. Jon has extensive enterprise software development process and management experience and joins AccuRev from Currensee, where he was Vice President of Engineering. In the past, he held senior roles at BeyondTrust Software, Inc., where he was Vice President of Program Management, database products, and Lumigent Technologies, where he was Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of product.


Stay Tuned for New Date

Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict with our Customer, we are sorry to announce that our webinar scheduled for September 12, 2013, Continuous Integration and Delivery at Scale: A RationalFT Case Study, will be postponed. Please visit this page over the next few days for details on when this webinar will be rescheduled.

Our webinar series will continue with Continuous Integration and Delivery at Scale: Automating the Release Pipeline on October 3, 2013 at 1:00pm. You will be able to register for this webinar beginning on September 9th.

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