Is ClearCase Sinking Your Business and Drowning Your Developers?

You are using ClearCase, and your business is sinking! Even though you have made a significant financial and business investment in the solution and technology, it is failing your software development process and your Agile initiatives. Your company needs to make a decision, and needs to make one fast. Do you abandon ClearCase in favor of a more flexible and Agile friendly process and toolset, or do you roll the dice and risk your company’s longevity and bottom line?

The processes, practices, and overall approach of ClearCase puts your company’s longevity at risk. ClearCase is not flexible, and not adaptable to frequent, and in most cases, drastic business environment changes and demands. Today, successful companies are those who adapt to environmental threats challenging their bottom line; competition, customer demands, outsourcing, ever changing mobile and cloud technology.

This webinar will discuss the ClearCase issues that are impacting your bottom line. We will explore reasons why ClearCase is not a viable solution in today’s Agile, fast paced, and requirements driven development processes. You will learn there is a better and more optimal way to do software development, and you will learn the steps needed to evolve your software development process to ensure your company's longevity. We will also share and discuss options which outline the paths customers can choose for migrating away from ClearCase. Finally we will open the floor for questions


Speaker Bios

Brad HartBrad Hart, AccuRev

Brad Hart, Vice President of Product Management, will explore the challenges organizations face while using ClearCase to manage their software development processes. He will share his insights and expertise on how to break free of the ClearCase constraints in favor of embracing a more flexible, cost effective, and agile-friendly solution.


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