Practical Agile for Legacy Software

Software development organizations continually face the challenges of managing multiple development projects, offshore outsourcing, competition, increased customer requirements, and ever changing mobile and cloud technologies. Couple that with the fact you are developing legacy software and have a desire to adopt an Agile development methodology, and it may seem like the odds are stacked against you.

This webinar will explore various techniques and patterns companies can implement to help optimize practical Agile methodologies for developing legacy software. Companies with a desire to elevate their Agile practices, while developing legacy software often believe the two are at odds with one another. We will share the steps companies can embrace to insure Agile policies are successful and improve the development process.

Specifically, we will explore:

  • The quick and easy cultural and process changes companies can make
  • Techniques for managing productive time-boxed releases
  • How to propagate change across multiple software configurations in a reliable, auditable manner with minimal resources
  • What is needed to balance the development process (coding, testing, integrating)
  • Common themes that can break Agile and how to avoid
  • Best practices for defining Agile structures and methods for molding those practices to fit your development organization

You will learn the steps needed to evolve your software development process to ensure your company's longevity. Being Agile while developing legacy software is possible, and this webinar will show you the processes to implement and the patterns to avoid in order for your software organization to be successful.

Speaker Bios

Larry AyresLarry Ayres, AccuRev
Larry Ayres is Vice President of Engineering and Support with AccuRev. Larry is responsible for the development team to innovate and build the AccuRev software configuration management products, as well as deliver world-class support to AccuRev customers.

His agile development background comes with over 20 years of management experience in the software companies such as MetraTech, Comverse, and Boston Technology where he was responsible for the R&D of various enterprise and telecom products such as billing, media server, mobile gaming, voice mail and advanced development. Larry also holds several US patents related to the telecom sector.

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