Continuous Integration- The Linchpin to a Successful Continuous Delivery Strategy

SDTImesFor most businesses in the software industry, software development extends beyond the single project or developer team. As development expands across multiple teams and project levels, maintaining cohesiveness can prove difficult. Without established procedures for managing parallel development at such a large scale, it is likely that quality and overall productivity will suffer. In today's fast-paced software environment, when every opportunity to obtain a competitive edge is crucial to a business’s success, having a continuously integrated development practice can provide an advantage.

AccuRev and SD Times recently administered a survey addressing the software industry to obtain data on companies’ adoption of Continuous Integration practices during software development.

Our speakers, Jon Jesse from AccuRev, and David Rubinstein of SD Times, discuss the reasons companies can become stuck at certain levels of Continuous Integration and practicing effectively. The webinar will also address key downfalls that occur within many companies that prevent effective Continuous Integration, as well as provide established best practices to help overcome these obstacles and lead to successful implementation.


Speaker Bios

David Rubinstein,David Rubinstein SDTimes
David Rubinstein is the editor-in-chief of SD Times andSharePoint Tech Report, and conference chairman ofSPTechCon: The SharePoint Technology Conference.
An award-winning journalist, David has more than 30 years experience in news reporting and editing. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Journalism and has worked in a number of different positions on daily newspapers in Texas, upstate New York and Long Island.
A founding member of the SD Times team, David has spent the last 10 years in the high-tech industry. He works out of SD Times’ Long Island headquarters.

Jon JesseJon Jesse, AccuRev
Jon Jesse is Vice President of Software Process Solutions with AccuRev. Jon has extensive enterprise software development process and management experience and joins AccuRev from Currensee, where he was Vice President of Engineering. In the past, he held senior roles at BeyondTrust Software, Inc., where he was Vice President of Program Management, database products, and Lumigent Technologies, where he was Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of product.

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