Enterprise Development Pains

In order to achieve continuous integration and delivery as well as agile initiatives, organizations ideally will have a streamlined software configuration management process, effective tools, and an infrastructure to support the enterprise goals. However, frequently this is not the case. Software configuration management is the basis on which efficient and effective software development processes are built. Without a strong SCM tool in place, organizations cannot compete.

Larger, complex organizations often struggle with similar challenges when it comes to proper SCM implementations:

    1. Parallel Development (broken builds, long release tails, incomplete features)
    2. Software Integration (manual merging, ‘big-bang’ integrations, longer release cycles)
    3. Change Propagation (multiple releases, lost changes, extensive manual merging, unplanned testing cycles)
    4. Change Management (no traceability, lack of control, manually intensive, no formal process)
    5. Complex Configuration (custom configurations, significant overhead, inability to scale)

AccuRev solves these issues through its unique stream based architecture, allowing companies to stage their development process and streamline change flow. Using change packages, changes can be maintained on a user story or issue level, offering complete traceability. AccuRev’s ALM integration abilities help organizations easily connect SCM, Agile Planning, and Issue Tracking systems to allow for full visibility across the entire development process. View our webinar highlighting these resonant pains and our solutions for creating a better SCM process.

Speaker Bios

Jon JesseJon Jesse

Jon Jesse is Vice President of Software Process Solutions with AccuRev. Jon has extensive enterprise software development process and management experience and joins AccuRev from Currensee, where he was Vice President of Engineering. In the past, he held senior roles at BeyondTrust Software, Inc., where he was Vice President of Program Management, database products, and Lumigent Technologies, where he was Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of product.

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